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60g Cube

Basket starfish


Was the basket a hitchhiker or on purpose?
Im eager to hear how he does.

[quote="Shiver" post=35772]Was the basket a hitchhiker or on purpose?
Im eager to hear how he does.[/quote]

I have had it over 6 months, I can track down the date if needed. It was a hitchhicker on the same Gorg. From what I can gather the shipper had one on almost every gorg of this type as I knew 2 others that got one from them at the same timeframe.

I likes to snag food floating through the water column when I feed. It normally does not extend so many hands so this was one of the better shots I have been able to get and be able to see it clearly.

New gorg and old firefish.


That's a nice full gorg :side:

Is your tank doing better now Mike? Nice gorg btw

Thanks, and as you can see in the gorg pic, my only issue now is cyano and time for Corals to heal.

For all those people that didn't know. Using flatwormRX without running Carbon is a bad idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am going to the dark side.....found a cheap Apex Lite that I can control my lighting and pumps.
I really hated having 2 power strips as I was using 3 timers.

Maybe my ability to view temp and PH will come to some benefit....maybe even get the CA reactor I have turned on.
I didn't feel it was needed in my tank, but might be nice to grow things like weeds.



FTS tonight:

Now you see me:

now you don't:


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