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60g Cube

[quote="Twizzler" post=35234] I love plumbing pvc[/quote]

Lol, you have issues. :silly:

Haha ain't that the truth!

Well if you didn't see it at the convention you weren't there or looking. LOL

I did make a few changes last night. First was an upgrade to my Mag 18 instead of the 12. The next was I added a SCWD (Squid) to the return. Now it flows one side then the other for a completely randomized flow out the return line.

I will be getting 20Lbs of UN-cured right out of the ocean rock this weekend. So this tank will not have any fish or coral in it until that is cured and I know any pest gets removed.

Tank looked great at the convention, definitly saw quite a few people give a double take at a full functioning set up!

I'm not too familiar with a SCWD, any links to this or videos on how it works?


essentially the faster the pump pushes water the faster it changes from one side to the other. I tested it out just a little bit and seems like a great idea. The issue I read online is it can get clogged and no longer switch directions any longer.

Got 20# of uncured rock from FL this week. Bunch of rock crabs and at least a few pistol shrimp.

[quote="Boggers-Mike" post=35362]http://www.marinedepot.com/SCWD_Wavemaker_Switching_Current_Water_Director_(Squid)_External_Wavemakers_for_Aquariums-3IQ_Ventures-3Q1111-FIWMEW-vi.html[/quote]

Totally love the 1998-looking 5-minute infomercial. Best part is the fresh-from-the-acting-studio lady. Bet you this was the first time she ever saw a fish in a tank outside of a video.

Yeah, totally a product before modern wave makers. However, it is one less item in my tank and does not need power.

Added a few items, will wait 2 weeks and add more. Then wait another 4-6 fishless before I move anyone in. Should be good to go at that point.



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