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60g Cube

60 cube with ghost style overflow, black vinyl back, black silicone. Made by Planet Aquarium.

Sump: Eshops new medium cube with fuge area flowing under skimmer
Not even on website yet. 18*18*20

Light: Guissseman Spectra 24"
250W MH XM20k and 4T5s (bulb combo in question)

I am think of moving all my SPS into this tank, bare bottom and put my Gyre on the floor. Then making the 110 LPS and softies.

I dislike plumbing.... Anyone want to do it?




I like it! Gonna be one sexy set up.. are you planning on keeping this system stand alone or plumbing it to your main system?

Stand alone for now

I love that tank, so pretty. Plumbing it will be easy ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have a spot picked out to put this sweet setup?

It will be in my basement like other one.

Currently a cure tank for our rock

Dry fitting time, and a few are set but nothing major.


Got a new stand from FF to make it look pretty. Most of that plumbing is set.

Very nice Mike! I love plumbing pvc

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