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Pics of grow out frags

My one head is too embarrassed to even look at the camera.

Congrats, you at least still have one....this was really a crazy contest.



Mine has been pissed off for the past few weeks due to pests in the tank and dipping stuff but there is the original and 3 small babies

I am going to call this one as everyone else had 1 head 15 days ago.

Congratulations BigBallin on taking home first

Also links0713 on Second place.

Thanks for putting it on mike.

So who got 3rd? Do I get any style points for pictures quality and being open???

I never had a 3rd place... actually I didn't have a second until last week when I thought I might get a Tie and have to split in pot.

BigBallin gets:
$100 to FF, $50 to NAS, and $25 to R&R

Links0713 gets:
$25 to R&R

Hope you had fun!

Thanks for putting this on Mike. I would definitely be up for doing this again down the road if there would be people willing to do it again.

Thanks Mike. Good times and great prizes! Now we all know who has the dirtiest tanks! ๐Ÿ˜›

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