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Pics of grow out frags

The first pic in not due till April 1-7, however feel free to post your ZOA.

My frag never opened

They can be pissy, give it time

Mine opened up about an hour after it hit the water. I'm gonna try and bust out my camera and get a better pic.
The frag is under a 6 bulb ATI Sunpower


Mine finally opened up. Had to re glue it so took a little longer but it is open.


Under t5 about 4 inches from surface. Medium flow on it.

Mine still hasn't opened, looks like it's getting close though

Under black box LEDs in a 75g.

Black box with gel filter


I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. It almost opened, then, was blown off the plug. Luckily I found it floating around, and got it glued back down. Can only be good from here, right?

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