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Next Meeting. Sunday Mar 20th

Meeting open to all members and those looking to become members.
March 20 @ 1pm
This will be membership drive and a rock making demonstration. We will use the Recipe on the GARF website to make our own rocks.
The weather holds up for me.

This will be here in no time.

Anyone want to chime in if they are attending?

I am planning on attending.

Is this at your house Mike?

It is at my place, yes

It was a blast, I will post pics Tues after everything sets and I pull out of the forms.

Thx to those that made it out!

Preview as I only uncovered one rock.



That looks great mike! Cant wait to see more... is it as porous as something like marco rock as far as for biological filtration?

There are lots of nooks and crannies. We made a bunch of holes but man cannot do the same as Marco.
This one was designed to be a piece of base rock to get the most off the sand bed.

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