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Early Sign up for Zoa Contest

[quote="Twizzler" post=35479]Damn and im still at one head lol
keep my water too clean for zoas to get down and dirty :lol:[/quote]

Same boat.

Zoa pics due this week.

one more day to post your May pics

Zoa pics due this week. Also a final pic on the 15th.

I do have a second prize I picked up today. Hope everyone had fun.

Yup the end is here. Get your picture loaded up so I can get the winners their Prize. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am going to put this to a vote. If we have a tie on number of heads, but one person's will not open....do we split the prize, one that is open wins, or up for ideas?

Not because I'm in said tie but who had pics with most open heads would win. Bumps could be just the start of a new head growing but not in yet.

I say it shouldn't take first due to not opening but i feel it should be second

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