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Closing doors

I have just heard Pure Aquariums will be closing it's doors for good 2/29/16.
It is sad to see any LFS close. I know he has posted a list of sales on his Facebook site.

I encourage anyone to visit and help him get a nice final sales days as you can.

Sad to see Scott's shop close ๐Ÿ™

I only made it there two or three times, but Scott always had a good selection of healthy fish and friendly service each time I stopped by.

Best of luck to whatever the future holds Scott.

It was so disheartening to see. I got both of my current display tanks from him. He is one of the nicest guys I've ever met and I'm sorry to see him go. It really sucks.

He should know (and will) how much I appreciate his support - this site, my club, the hobby, everything. He has been a real asset and friend to so many of us. I will miss him and his store dearly.

He just got more fish in. Check out his fb


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