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Dracula Goby in QT


Those are beautiful! Nice find!

So after getting the Dracula goby Monday he decided to do a disappearing act for the last 48 hours. I looked all over the tank except for the one spot I figured he might be...under some LR where I knew my candy cane pistol shrimp had a burrow. Finally after thinking I had already lost one of my dream fish I tore my aquascape apart where that burrow was and guess what came shooting out from under the rock. The candy cane and my goby. My heart has now slowed down thankfully and I got to observe him eat like a champ again

Glad you found it...but just think what a full 600G is going to be like with small fish. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here's a shot of my pair and candy cane pair at the shop!

Absolutely beautiful


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