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[CONTEST]: What's your story? [UPDATED!]

[b]THE CONTEST HAS BEEN EXTENDED. Please read below for the latest information![/b]

I've been lax on photo of the weeks/month lately, and I apologize for that. We'll be getting back into those soon, I promise.

We're going to do something a little different now. I have a copy of Mark Callahan's book, "The No-Nonsense Guide to Marine Fish Diseases, Quarantine and Treatments" sitting around that I'm going to give away. Mark tells me it also comes with some videos he'll provide to the winner.

Additionally, Nebraska Aquatic Supply has offered up a $25 gift card to the winner of the drawing.

Additionally part two, Boggers has offered up a cool frag to the winner, because he's just a nifty kind of dude.

Additionally part three, I will personally shake hands with the winner. I'm sure you realize this prize is worth the most. In opposite world.

Some of you may now be asking, "how do I win all that awesome stuff????". That's easy. Post a story and image of what brought you into this wonderful hobby of ours. Was it a particular fish or coral? A trip to the aquarium? An old gypsy lady on the street who threatened to curse you if you didn't buy a tank now?

I want to know what got you into this hobby and why! It doesn't have to be complex, a paragraph or 3 is fine. Don't forget the image!!

Contest ends [b]FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th at 11:59PM Central Time[/b], after which I will assign each post a number from 1 to whatever, in order of posting. I'll throw that into a random number generator and that will be the winner.

I reserve the right to lengthen the contest though if we don't get enough people participating. This one is easy though folks, and [b]this is random - photography skills are not a factor in winning.[/b] πŸ™‚

Now, lets hear your stories!

This is a neat idea, I'll draft something up this week :side:

*And its cool that photo skills aren't required πŸ˜‰

My oldest brother is the most part to blame for my beginning of owning fish as a whole. He had a FW tank setup at his house and I loved coming over and just watching the tank. I started with a semi-aggressive FW 125G tank with sharks and barbs fro the most part. Then as I progressed a little I wet Discus and easy plants. I wanted it to look like this:


I had 3 Amazon sword plants that litterally filled the 6Ft 125G tank I had to have a 5 gal bucket each when I sold everything right before getting married and attempting to merge the two homes into one when we started living together.

I was fishless for some time, but REALLY wanted to get back in and try Salt. 3 yrs ago I changed jobs and met someone that was pretty into it and encouraged me to give it a shot. Joined this forum and another to learn as much as I could before I got wet. Found a cheap 75G and spending too much from then on. πŸ™‚

YIKES I went to pull one of my firsts posts


About seven years ago my girlfriend bought me a fish bowl and a goldfish. A month later I purchased a 29 gallon tank which quickly turned into a 55 gallon. I really wanted to get a 125 gallon but was told it had to be saltwater if I was to have a second tank. Having someone else supporting the idea made it easy to make the switch to saltwater. Before long I had a 40 gallon, 75 gallon, and a 125 gallon all going. That lead me to where I am today with (2) 210 gallon tanks and a 30 gallon halfmoon seahorse tank. I'm still hoping we will move soon so I can have my 800 gallon monster tank.

Ends this weekend!!!

We all know there are lots of you logging in, so no point in hiding. πŸ˜‰ Let's get some more posts! :silly:

I used to have piranhas and then I had my first son and sold them he kept seeing a empty 30 gallon tank and a 55 and kept saying he wanted fish I was tired of fresh water so I said I will set it up and we will try saltwater buddy and that's when our addiction started but now that he's in school and sports it's only my addiction he loves it but don't wanna help with it anymore but my 4 year old daughter tries and my one year old son just likes to get in the stand and close the door and play in the algae and water until I hear him cry when he hits the light hah



Blue Spot Jawfish. That is was really motivated me in this hobby. I have always been attracted to Saltwater fish. Anytime I was at a Petland or Petco with a saltwater section I could never simply stroll by without stopping to stare and marvel at the beautiful fish.

I had a 20 gallon freshwater tank when I was in high school, but was by no means a serious/informed hobbyist. Fast forward six years and I briefly set up a (too) small Cichlid tank when lived in PA. About a year and half after moving to Nebraska is when I took the plunge for real though :silly:

I was admiring the fish at Petland and beginning to ask purposeful questions about keeping saltwater fish. One day I saw a Blue Spot Jawfish, and I thought to myself,

Got into this hobby several years ago. Kind of went through many phases, Tangs then Agelfish. Then one day Jim at Nas started talking wrasses to me and convinced me to take home a Solar Wrasses. I was hooked and own many different ones now. All along since I first seen a picture of a Crosshatch Trigger I had to have one. I was talking to Jim and Scott about it one day and next thing I know they found me one.


1/5 odds.....who's the winner Stevie?

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