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Need an idea for a fill/level gauge on a tote???

I recently just switched from a clear (cheap) container to hold my Kalkwasser to a sturdier Brute tote. While my dosing rate is fixed and

Put a clear pvc tube on the outside, or even clear vinyl hosing would work, with a bulkhead or quick-connect fitting near the bottom. [url=http://www.emersonprocess.se/en-US/brands/Magtech/Magtech-Products/Magnetic-Level-Indicators/PublishingImages/MLI_and_tank.png]level gauge example[/url]

That is a great idea, thank you! I'll begin the quest for the right materials ๐Ÿ™‚

Need something like this


Douh, looks like you already had that reply.

I second what jason said. Probably just look online to order a small section.

Jason had a good idea. You will probably have to get the clear pvc online but you can probably get a small section and not have to pay too much shipping.

I get all plastics from [url]http://www.usplastic.com/[/url]. They sell clear pvc by the foot, and all sorts of other handy stuff that can be used for aquariums.

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