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Why I like forums πŸ™‚

Forums are great for this hobby :woohoo:

The subject matter is focused. The topics, when cataloged appropriately, are a rich trove of evolving information. The build threads are great to watch develop, or binge on if you

Zoomer Wrote:
Not that big personalities can

[quote="Boggers-Mike" post=34031]
You know I was feeling this was me on a podium the last few months.[/quote]

I would like to understand better, what do you mean by this? Perhaps its helpful to the community...

Not really, I was the last person to post on many theads for a bit. Felt like I was alone or loudest voice wanting to chat.

Remember a time when I had trouble keeping up.

I agree with all that you said about forums Phil. Well said.

Some very well said things Phil. I prefer the forums because it is actually just all reefing info and not all the bs of facebook with all the random crap that goes on. Honestly the main reason I am on a couple facebook groups is just comical relief. I actually get irritated with how much incorrect information is put out there and then is taken as the truth; with forums you usually have moderators that will keep things in check. I also hate seeing how many people are out there that call themselves hobbyist but are only out to make a buck. I like being able to engage with people, especially on this forum, who actually care about this hobby and improving it. I feel bad for being so absent as of lately. I think I had the whole poor attitude of; well no one else is posting or engaging so why bother.

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