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Need Help/Advice Quarantine tanks

I jumped the gun and purchased a 3-4 inch Powder Blue Tang a Diamond Goby and a Fire shrimp after doing the research after the fact the Powder seems to have a hard time going through Quarantine, Now to get to the question Does anyone have a med tank set up and would hospitalize these fish for a few weeks for a price of course as i have never done this before i have a 30 gal tank light and filter that i could try to turn into a med tank but i think i would cause more stress to the tang with that small of a tank or maybe borrow or rent one? Or just throw them into the tank? all of my purchases thus far have been from well known reefers so i have not felt scared about just putting into the tank but this was a online order from Saltwaterfish.com so i am unsure as what i should do. Just a little info on my tank its a 180 maybe 10-12 Lps 2-3 SPS yellow tang and a maroon clown fish 60 gal custom sump. All the help and advice is much appreciated I am not sure where to post this so if i put this is the wrong area please pm or move it Thanks.

Are you treating with any medications for 'possible' parasites and illnesses that could be causing the stress? Otherwise I have quarantined tangs in a 40B in the past before getting my 125 set up to quarantine. Just keep an eye on him as at his size I wouldn't imagine the size of the tank would be the issue....but I have been wrong before.

The fish will be coming in on Monday so i have a couple days to figure all this Quarantine method out. trying to figure out my options and then do what needs to be done if a 29 gal would be fine i could try that myself. what is the common medicine to use for them? does anyone know a great article for this? the 29 Gal is a biocube if that makes a difference. thanks for the reply again any help is much appreciated.

I got your PM on this. I have purchased fish from SWF.com in the past have always gotten very healthy fish from them. Plus they have a guarantee on most fish you order from them. They are a solid on-line retailer. If you feel the need to set up a quarantine tank, then is just needs to be very basic. Just a tank, bubbler and standard shop light will work just fine. If you have a small hang on back filter that would also be good. You will not have to do anything special other than just make sure the tank set up and the water parameters are stable. Don't panic. Just put the fish in the tank and watch them to see what happens. You should also put so larger PVC pipes in the tank to allow the fish a place to hide. The tang may develop some ick issues from the transport stress, so you will have to look out for this. I would have some sort of ick treatment on hand in case.

+1 the simple things. 40B or 55 over the cube.
Put water in, sponge or hob filter, heater, cheap light, and large PVC that can fit both fish. Shrimp, I would risk it and dump it in.
If copper treatment is needed(likely) slowly increase dose for a week, and treat at full strength for a week.

I'm sorry I got to this thread late, it's been a busy weekend. I can help quarantine if necessary. I always have some QT tanks setup.

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