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Lights and frags for sale or trade


Do you have a picture of the green titan. I looked up what this should look like, but is sounds like you are saying yours is some sort of morp. Would you consider a trade for a Garf Bonsai frag.

Yeah, I would be down for that trade. I'll post a pic of the colony in the morning when the lights come on. I'm pretty sure its not actually a green titan, I narrowed it down to an anaphaltic purple or a valida but it doesn't quite match either perfectly, but it is a reef gen coral. Also I can make frags of my purple whip gorg, but I can't glue them to anything using the normal method I use for fragging gorgs as the branches are too thin.

[quote="Boggers-Mike" post=33773]This tank looks good, everything looked happy and healthy.[/quote]

Yeah, his tank is pretty sweet! I really liked the garden eel, never saw one before.

Hey can you please send me pictures of the lights. Thanks. 4025162595

Pics sent to you of the lights pescador

Just made a few more frags, purple whip gorg, purple cap, and bird of paradise.


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