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Where to get pods?

Looking for some pods to really start off my refuge! Chaeto and shaving bush are growing good and everything is going well! So time to get some pod population! Where do yall get your pods ect?! How many should I get ? Ect all info would be much appreciated!

Amphipods you can get at http://www.getyourpods.com
Keydriver on Nano-Reef.Com sells copopods and trigger pods
http://Www.Reef Cleaners.org sells pods as well in greenwater

reefcleaners.org like Mike said is a pretty good bet and great to work with. Given if you have the fuge going good once you seed it they will take off like crazy, at least mine have.

Some local stores stock algen reef pods. I know Petco on dodge had some recently. They are the tibse beminimensis. For more diversity I would order online or ask for some rubble from someone who has an established refugium.

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