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Aquapets has a new owner

Hey all.
It's Justin from Aquapets, but most of you know me as the clownfish guy.

I recently purchased Aquapets and we will be reopening under a new name as soon as we are able!

I am very excited to take on this challenge and to keep the store alive.

Hope to see you all for the opening!

Ps: add us on facebook for updates on sales, orders and stories!


Congratulations Justin!!!!!!!

Really glad to still have a store on this side of town. Would be nice to not always have to drive to the other side of town when I need something. I wish you much success in the venture.

Congrats! Can't wait to see what you do for the place. I'm sure it's going to be great. :cheer:

Congrats Jason! Keep us updated with when you plan on having your opening.

Just went into see Justin today, and everything is looking great. Way better than before. We also looked at his breeding Clowns, and they also looked great. I wanted one of his Acans, that I call "psychedelic",....but he's keeping it and once is grows he'll frag me a specimen.

Very happy to see a owner that cares for his fish, corals and customers !

CONGRATS JUSTIN !!! :mrgreen:


Hey Justin. It was good to meet you last week. I was the guy on the Harley. Thanks for answering some of my questions. I'll be seeing you again.

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