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Shipments for this week

YoY o Loach-6
Orange Lazer Cory Catfish-6
Pygmy Cory Catfish-6
Emperor Pleco-1
Asst Discus-4
Blood Parrot Cichlid-1
Ghost Shrimp-31
Scarlet Badis-12
Truquoise Rainbowfish-6
Siamese Flying Fox-6
Gold Neon Tetra-12
Frog tadpole-6
Orange Bee Shrimp-12
Cherry Shrimp-12
Laser Beam gubby-12
Green Moscow Guppy-12
Flamingo Guppy-12
Brown Zebra PLeco-1
Albino Tiger Barb-6
Pearl Gourami-6
Dalmatian Lyretail Molly-6
Red Glass Barb-6
Rummynose Tetra-12
Bumble Bee Platy-6
Albino Glolite Tetra-6
Asst 1.5

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