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Huge Aquatic Sale, $1/Gallon, and More!

I'm pleased to tell every one we will be having another huge aquatics sale coming up for 3 days, August 6-8! This time around it will be 30% off all live stock! Saltwater, freshwater, plants, inverts and corals all 30% off! Stop by now and get those special orders in for the sale, only a few weeks left! Just a reminder for those who don't know we are currently doing another one of our $1 per gallon sales and will continue until August 8th as well. Need a new sump, frag tank, QT tank, stop in a grab one during the sale!
An now the real big news,

The Petco located on 72nd and Dodge is proud to offer you corals direct from Live Aquaria! That's right, we will have corals from Live Aquaria in stock for this upcoming sale! be sure to stop in early during the sale to grab some before they're all gone!

That is pretty sweet. Happy to see a store get in stuff from vendors like this.
Especially since many bog box ones are not often included like this.

Thats a darn good reason for me to truck on up to omaha! :hermit:

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