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Belize diving

I'm going to Belize in October and very interested in getting scuba certified. Has anyone gone diving around there?

I know diventures holds classes to certify, but I have not done myself.

I got my (and my son's) certification through Rena's Scuba School. Really nice people.

There is some pretty decent diving in Belize, as far as the Caribbean goes. Diventures is OK, but way over priced IMO, unfortunately they are about the only show in town any more. They are also SSI and not PADI, which to me is a bit of a drawback. You can find PADI shops absolutely everywhere you can dive, worldwide. Rena also certified my wife, and she liked her.

Diving in Belize is pretty good. I'll try and find some pictures, it's been awhile since I've been there.

As far as shops go, diventures isn't bad. Any local dive shop will be expensive since the margins are just as bad as for fish shops. Very comparable industry as far as product goes.

SSI, SDI, PADI - it really doesn't matter, they're all recognized worldwide. As in most things educational, it's about the instructor and afterwards the student keeping his/her skills up. Unfortunately I only know a few instructors at diventures, one of which I initially taught to dive, but I'm not sure if they still work there or not.

My sister got certified at diventues and It will be through them that I will get certified. My sister highly reccomends them.

Signed up and paid for lessons/certification. Can't wait!

[quote="saltyfish" post=33218]Signed up and paid for lessons/certification. Can't wait![/quote]

Cool :woohoo:

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