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Couple of frags for sale


Got a couple of frags for sale. Tried to post this a few times with pics and it wouldn't take so I'll try to post the pics separately later.

Orchid stylo-$15
Sunset monti-$10
Green Anacropora-$5

Can also make frags of the following, prices and sizes negotiable

Blue polyp green cap
Puplre cap
Superman Monti
Green tipped purple birdsnest

Will also consider trades for cool zoanthids

I sent a pm awhile ago asking about these

Just got it, sorry I forget this website doesn't update me on if I have messages. Sent you a reply

Are you in lincoln by chance?

Nope, Omaha, but I can meet you somewhere if you're interested.

Cool, well I'm supposed to be going to omaha this wkend for family stuff, so I will for sure get ahold of you. I will try and bring a few different zoa frags, so we can trade......if your into that? I have a few fancy zoas. sunny d's, rastas, fruit loops, utter chaos, purple hornets, blue rhino, blah, blah, zoa, polyp, zoa! And I dont know my way around omaha 8) Should be fun!!!

OK, I'll be free pretty much all day until 930 pm Friday and Saturday, I won't be free on Sunday at all though

Just FYI the orchid stylos are gone, I can make more frags of it but it will be a few months. That said I just fragged a bunch of stuff this morning. Green tipped purple birds nest, bird of paradise, some weird purple encrusting Monti that has green polyps on the growth margin, and more super man Monti. I can make frags of robokaki chalice as well and can attempt to frag some fire and ice zoas or blue mint palys if anyone is interested. The large 7+" purple cap colony is still available too.

Looks like I will be up in Omaha around 5-6pm tomorrow (Sunday), I know you said you wont be available.....but if that changes let me know. otherwise, I will have to catch you next time. I'm a sucker for monti's, and you have a few that I dont :woohoo:

Yeah I'm going to be a river riot tomorrow so I won't be here at all all. As of right now I will be free the following sunday, the 26th. That may change though, my work schedule is a bit unpredictable. Even if it takes a while those montis are growing like weeds so I'll have plenty for you when you can stop by.


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