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What equip. needed to move tank to new home?

So, as stated in my upcoming 600 gallon build I am going to be moving in the next 3 to 4 months into my new home and wanting to know what equipment I will need to be able to safely and securely move my tank and its inhabitants....including corals....to my new home. Has anyone done this before and be able to give me the do's/don'ts, must have's/not needed equipment.

I would give the 600 gallon tank at least a month to cycle before moving anything into it. I have moved 10+ tanks and the key is to not disturb the sand bed and you will most likely not have any losses. If you can keep the sump pretty stable and not move much then that helps quite a bit as well.

If you are not able to get the new tank cycled before the move, I would move the existing tank and let it sit for a month or two before transferring to the 600 gal.

Regrettably I wont have the chance to set up the tank prior to the move to cycle it so looking for the best way to store everything and move everything until the tank is set back up until the new one is ready.

The last move I did, I kept all the sand in the tank plus enough water to keep it wet. All of the rock and corals went into five gallon buckets with tank water. I then emptied most of the water from the sump and covered the live rock with wet towels. Then reassembled everything at the new location. I used about 25% new water and re-used the water in the buckets.

If you need help storing the livestock, I do have some QT tanks set up in my basement that I could keep some fish/corals. Otherwise I would put some sponge filters powered by an air pump, into your current tank/sump prior to the move. Then use those as your bio filtration in your QT tanks until your new tank is ready.

Firstly, make a couple of frags of the corals you have that you really like and distribute them to a couple of different friends. When I had to break down my 120 to put my current system in its place I had a friend hold my corals and couple of my fish that were "keepers" in a frag. If you don't know anyone with that sort of space you can check with the shops. NAS may have the space in their QT room...

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