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Tank sealing

I recently purchased a used aquarium (which I have taken pictures and will start a build thread) which had a lot of coralline algae build up. Some of which was underneath the silicone seams in the corners. I have started scraping and it has pealed a little sealant off but not all the way.

My question is how hard is it to re-seal those seams? Or should I be fine without re-sealing? Any hints and tips would be appreciated.

Resealing an aquarium is a fairly simple/easy task. An important thing to look at with any new tank you have is making sure the seal looks to be in good condition and that there is no signs of rot. Also filling the tank up and letting it sit for atleast a day is a good idea in my mind to water test it and make sure there is no leaks. If you go with resealing it then try to get all the old silicone out, using a blade to cut it out with out scratching everything up is important. Make sure to use an aquarium safe silicone as well. dow corning 795 is a good one to use and comes in multiple colors.

The most time consuming part is scraping out the old silicone. You want to remove as much as possible before you start with the new silicone. It took me about two hours total to reseal my 75gal tank.

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