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Gyre vs. Mp40

I am going to go with one of these in the future. I just want opinions, especially people who have had both. I am on the fence between the two. It would be going on a 225 gallon acrylic 72x24x30.Thanks in advance Kevin.

I admit I'm partial to Ecotech's products, since most know I'm insane and have a total of 9 Radion pros, 2 MP60's, and 2 MP40's.

As far as "better" flow between the two, it is of course debatable. Both are top notch from what I've seen (in person, though I don't own a Gyre).

The big thing I think Ecotech has in their favor is wireless controllability. I love being able to control my pumps from my phone. I'm guessing Maxspect will get there eventually and I was surprised they didn't already. I actually assumed they were there already, but I searched a bit before posting and couldn't find anything other than their basic controller. If you use an Apex, the Ecotech pumps also have pretty significant integration with Ecotech pumps, though as much as I like my Apex, I do prefer Ecotech's own interface for them.

I was leaning heavy towards Gyre then Trent gave me his opinion and I was on the fence. Now slightly leaning towards Ecotech. I do not have Apex, so does Ecotech have an app. So I can control it with my phone? I live out in the sticks so I do not have great internet service. I do however have unlimited internet on my phone.

[quote="tkspaints" post=32478]I do not have Apex, so does Ecotech have an app. So I can control it with my phone?[/quote]

Yep, they have a phone app, and also a web interface. ๐Ÿ™‚

Edit: I should put a caveat that you need the Reeflink add-on product, but it is worth it.

Well, I have both and they are a different type of flow IMO. I plan on running both on my 300, I am going to run the Gyre (toward the top) the long way (6 ft), and the MP40 in the back center (low to middle) . I think the Gyre can push a larger volume of water but the MP40 is easier to control as mentioned above.

I have owned both a MP40 and now own a Gyre...I prefer my Gyre to my MP40 in my mind. My sediment is cleaner, my SPS love it, my fish seem to be happier with it for some reason, and my water clarity is noticeably cleaner. However, I do agree with Trents comment about that the one you should use depends on your rock work. If you have an open more "breathable" rock structure then the Gyre is the way to go, but if you have some rockwork that is a little more closed off for some non-photosynthetic, or lower flow LPS then the MP40's are the way to go as you can alter the flows direction from one side of the tank to the next. Just my 2 cents.

Great stuff guys I appreciate it! Everytime I lean one way someone comes up with a great point for the other. With having triggers in my reef I may lean slightly towards Mp40s. I am not sure if the Triggers I have are known for chewing on electrical cords? Kevin

If you are worried about that then they have a slip cover that you can wind around your cord to protect it from nipping fish. I have one on mine that I stole from my Koralia pump prior to moving it to my mixing tank. I would imagine soon that Maxspect will come out with a wireless one soon.

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