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fish die over night

I have 4 29 gallon tanks connected together gravity feed top 2 to bottom 2 into a sump with a pump back to top 2 have a protein skimmer in the sump been running since july have had all fish in since October woke up today with all fish dead done nothing different to them . checked the tank paramiters to
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate almost 0
ph 8.6
temp 76
only thing I can think is high ph caused high co2 and low oxygen anybody have any other ideas

Maybe an electrical current. What do you add to your tanks? Maybe something if you add anything was bad.

nothing added just some frozen food and flake food I feed my other tanks the same and everythings fine with them . also thought electrical checked the pumps and heaters everything seem good . the midas bleeny was half way in his hole head first in the rock dead

That's rough, I hope you are able to determine the cause to prevent it from happening again in the future. Perhaps someone used an aerosol or chemical powder near the tank...

Did you have anything other than fish in the tanks (such as inverts or corals)? And if so how are they doing?
Anytime you have a fish die it is frustrating but whole system loss is horrible.

I have unfortunately had this happen to me before and I found it nearly impossible to figure out. The best I could think of was, like you theorized, something depleted the oxygen. It drove me crazy.

If you had corals and/or other inverts in there that are fine, that suggests it wasn't something like accidentally spraying glass cleaner or bleach.

It sucks, but if your parameters are good, you may never know. :unsure:

Had snails and blue leg crabs and the are all cruising around like nothing happened

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