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Trying to Breed my Black Misbar Clownfish

So, I have a pair of proven breeding and paired Black Misbar Clownfish and I have now decided to set up a breeding tank for them to attempt to raise some clutches. They have now layed 4 sets of eggs but in the DT they get eaten pretty quickly. Does anyone have any experience breeding clownfish that could give me some tips and suggestions to make this a successful endeavor. I currently have a spare 10 gallon tank that I am looking to use as this breeding tank.

I've had luck raising the fry sperate from the adults. Put a small ceramic tile where they keep laying eggs so you can remove the eggs once they are laid. Then a pretty basic set up to raise them. I found they take to live naups pretty quickly. Not difficult fish to raise as long as you have food for them. Good luck.

I wish it would be that easy. They for some reason like to lay the eggs on a vertical piece of LR so I wouldn't be able to put a lose piece of ceramic in there I would have to glue it into place but thank you about the info that was helpful. Now just need to figure out the best way to plumb it into my sump so I have the same water parameters. Anyone else with any advice?

Pm Heisenberg, use to breed clowns

Ahh that does pose a problem then. And easy way to plump it would be have the tank lower than your display but slightly higher than your sump and just let the tank be gravity fed by your over flow, but I have no idea of that is possible given your set up. Another option would be to T off your return like and add a ball valve to adjust the amount of flow going to the breeding tank. Hope these are a little more helpful than my last idea.

yeah I finally bought some diamond bits to drill my 10 gallon tank. Intimidating bc the glass is so thin but i'll reinforce it with some clamps and boards. I already have a drill guide and if I crack it I'm only out a $17 dollar tank that was sitting around collecting dust and I can upgrade to something bigger with thicker glass.

If you crack it Petco is doing their dollar per gallon sale again. I can't remember if its started yet but if not it will within a week or two. Just go slow and light on the 10s. I cracked a few because I pushed down too hard to get more grinding action. Also make sure to put something on the other side to catch the glass plug when it falls. A friend of mine cracked his tank because he forgot.

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