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What do you want to see when you check in on NAR?

There is certainly a "reefing season" and an "off season" - just ask any of the LFS's and they'll confirm this for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ The seasonal trend seems to be reflected on forums too, with the warmer weather attracting hobbyists to spend their extra time doing outdoor activities and less time on the hobby, or at least less time on the forums (which makes sense, at least the forum part anyways). Some day's there are only half a dozen posts, other days there are 25-40 posts, and sometimes there are 50+ a day.

This got me thinking, what do you like to find when you get here?

I am pleased that this site remains a community for hobbyist of all skill levels and experiences. For the most part, you get out of this site what the community puts into it, but I would like to know what you like getting out of this site so that I can try hard to make sure it is here for you :side:

As most of you know, I acquired (purchased) this site a little less than a year ago, and I am it's third owner since its creation four years ago. There are still a handful of active users from when the site was first created but it seems that a good portion of active users are from the past two years or more recent. As time permits, I go back to some of the older posts and shuffle them around and move them to appropriate categories that may help a user find the information they are looking for a bit easier (also because some features and categories have been removed or consolidated). As I spend time looking back I find a lot of rich information and a very active community. It would be great if I, or better yet, we the community, could resurrect our local communities passion for deeper dialogue related to our hobby.

Any thoughts on what that would look like for you?

Happy that you continue to look for ways to improve the site Phil. Not sure if you have stats for how much time people spend logged in...I do not want to know my own stat as it is pretty high.
What I look for is new discussions I haven't read yet. Pic are great, but I get excited to see new posts.

Would love to see some more dialogue

I generally look at the recent posts and if there hasn't been any updates in the last 12 hours then I've already read everything since I generally check the site at least twice a day. There is definitely a lot of good information on the site that most probably don't look through. Maybe we can resurrect some previous discussions to get things going.

I also look for recent topics. I'm about a year into this hobby and it has captivated me more than any I have ever done. I'm still a sponge soaking up information and ideas. That being said I love seeing build threads to get ideas and hear the pros and cons of how to do things.

If anyone has some feedback they want to share but don't feel like posting it, you can always PM me too.

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