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600 Gallon Build

That's funny Mike, because I am hoping for this tank to either be behind the bar or next to the bar.

This is the setup I was thinking. I plan on having about 1,000 pounds of live rock in the system and about 1,400 gallons of water. I will probably use two large submersible pumps and have one extra as a backup. I've been pretty happy with my DC12000 pumps so far. Besides the tank and stand, there isn't really much else I need to buy. I'm still up in the air on if this is going to be a reef tank or not. Originally I thought for sure it was going to be a FOWLR but since all of my current fish are reef safe, it may just end up being one massive Reef. And since my calcium reactor is rated for 1,500 gallons, its almost like it was meant to be.


Hey Trent,

I don't know if you have give much thought to this or not, but if your bar is going to be a non-movable object, it might make sense to put the tank next to it to allow full frontal access in case you would ever need it. Otherwise, God forbid a leak or some other issue, you would probably have to have the bar removed if some major repairs needed to be performed. Just a thought.

Thanks Dean, I do have a lot to consider during this design. I hope to have access to the front and back of the tank. It will probably be an in wall build but with a front cover that lifts up to clean the glass and move corals that fall or get bulldozed by fish. I'm almost hoping to find a house with an unfinished basement to have a blank slate but not sure if I want to spend part of my budget on the rest of the basement.

The unfinished basement is definitely the way to go with what you are planning here. Then it will be much easier to build up the space based on what things you want to have in it. I was lucky to have a great space to put my tank in and a fish room for all the equipment right next to it. Did not plan it that way.

I'm kind of the opposite mindset than Landshark - if you can find a finished basement with an adequate layout, it would be so much easier for you. πŸ™‚

Either way though, it's bound to be awesome.

I would have to agree with Landshark on this one. Being that I am still in the finalizing phase of my build, which the DT is 580 gallons, just the ability to be able to plan and adjust according to my own idea of space required is awesome. Kinda biased on this one as well as I work in the designing and building part of construction but still a blank slate is always the easiest way in my mind bc you are not restrained in your own creativity. Whatever you decide will be right for you but if you want some help "designing" a space don't be afraid to ask as I would love to help design your fish room and bar. Would be an amazing project.

[quote="wolfie2012" post=32074]I'm kind of the opposite mindset than Landshark - if you can find a finished basement with an adequate layout, it would be so much easier for you. πŸ™‚

Either way though, it's bound to be awesome.[/quote]

Hey Wolfie,

I would agree with this under most circumstances, but with a tank this size and other tanks and equipment that are being deployed here, It will be much easier to find a house that has everything you need to make it a nice home for the family and unfinished basement you can make the way you want it than find one that will have all the things already set up the way you want it. Plus if you get one with a finished basement, you are more than likely going to have to do some deconstruction to get everything in place and plumbed. You may get lucky and find the right one that is finished and workable, but my bet is there will be a much larger selection of homes with unfinished basements and great living spaces that would make great options.

6 of one/half dozen of another. Sure, if money is no object, just build the entire house around the tank. If it is, and having just recently gone through it finding an appropriate house with a workable finished basement, you can find a place that will work. In fact, I found multiple options when I was buying my house. *shrug*

My point is, either way will work, and there is no real best option in this case other than what Trent wants to do.

Unloaded the skimmer off the freight trick today. I now see why it had to go freight. It will just be setup next to my current tank for now. I can't wait to move.



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