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Blue Polyp Green Montipora Capricornis- SOLD

I currently have two frags of blue polyp green cap up for trade. Both are about 1.5" across at the shortest point. Fully healed and growing. Looking for cool colored zoanthids or acans. Will consider pretty much anything though. Would prefer to trade but will consider selling if no one has anything to trade.

One pending. Here are some pics of the frags and the mother colony. The big frag on the bottom right is already spoken for, sorry.



Where are you located?

One pending and one still up for grabs.

I got the larger frag and it is nice. Mine currently has very nice polyp extension. Glad I made the trade for it.

Anyone? I'm mostly just looking for cool zoanthids, don't have to be designer just cool colors. If you don't have anything to trade but still want one pm me and we fan work out a deal.


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