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NPS Keepers?


Any thoughts on how to get it to polyp back out so I can feed it?

I have Yellow Finger Gorgonian (Diodogorgia nodulifera) in my set up, and I have found that the polyp expansion is way-way better with higher flow.

I thought the same thing, it has been in the most turbulent portion of the sand bed.

Agree with the High Flow. Also turn off all movement, gently blow a little Phyto/or filter feeder food over it similar to feeding SPS.

Ill move it up and try to feed it than and see what happens. Ive also read that some are more sensitive to light. Would moving it up closer to the light cause any bleaching or worsening of health?

super heavy light like right under a 400W MH is not a great idea. the thing you have to worry about is algae buildup that would not let the polyps to extend and starving it out.


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