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Alternatives to filter socks


I am just wondering if anyone knows of any good alternative to filter socks...I use the felt ones right now and they do a good job and catch alot of stuff but seem to only be good for about 5 days then need to be cleaned....any suggestions?

Buy 20 and wash them in the washing machine, no dry

I have plenty of them....just don't like that they have to be changed every 3-5 days

No filter socks :huh:
Bigger filter socks :dry:

There are mesh filter socks, otherwise there is filter floss. Sounds like you want to give up on mechanical filtration...

I like having filter socks to catch bigger particles that come out of the tank....but also have a protein skimmer, cheato, and reactor with carbon and gfo

Theiling Rollermat? I'm not sure if they have made a version for this country yet though.

Can't find that here in the US...but wonder if I could make something like that?

That thing looks pretty cool, I might have to try it out if they ever make it to the US. I go through filter socks about every 3 or 4 days, and I admit it can get tedious. Washing them is probably my biggest annoyance such that I've even considered throwing them away after 1 use. Not sure I can even justify that expense just because of my own laziness though, but it tempts me every time i wash I load of them. Heh.

Try going with a higher micron size for the sock. Usually people go with 50 or 100 or 200 micron. Increasing the size of filter from 100 to 200 micron could easily double the days it could hold. Think of the size of particles you are trying to catch. They also come in 500 micron and 1000 micron and some other sizes i think (400, 800 micron). Check out size of particles online like size of cope pods (amphipods are usually 200-2000 micron in size) while tiger pods are usually 30-80 micron i think or close. You may have to make your own socks for higher micron by being felt cloth.

Short of anything automated, if you're wanting to go beyond every 2-4 days without changing filter material, perhaps there is no benefit to running mechanical filtration. If waste and food are breaking down and hitting the skimmer any ways, there is essentially no point in point in changing the mechanical media.. Any detritus left over could be vacuumed from the sump on a regular (monthly?) basis. If I slack off and wait until they are about to overflow, when I rinse them out, it typically is just brown sludge. The only "solid" I pull out would be a few pods and the occasional bristle worm (grrr, ouch).

Danish's mention of different micron size is a good one. The only functional advice I have is to increase the size of the filter sock, or the quantity. I run two in my set up (have room for a third, and probably should have made it happen) and that certainly does offer a good bit of relief for when I do slack off...
There's is some nice conversation build around this topic, nice ๐Ÿ™‚


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