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Many Thanks to Jim and NAS today!

Earlier this afternoon I decided to contact NAS for an ATO container to use on my upcoming build, as well as, for my current tank. I was looking for a 20 gallon ATO tank and was having no luck in town....Tractor Supply Couldn't help me and neither could Menards or Home Depot. After calling NAS and talking with Jim he hooked me up with a life saver and got my ATO tank for HALF of what they are selling for online and NO shipping charges as well. Thanks Jim and NAS.

I'd like to see pics when you get this set up. Ive had my frag tank up for about a week now and the evaporation is fairly rapid. I'd like to get an ATO figured out to cut down on tank maintenance.

When I get it all put together its going to be fairly basic. I have a Tunze 3155 Osmolator, that I got on Black Friday from BulkReefSupply, that will be transferring the RO/DI from the ATO tank to my sump. I don't have the ability at the current moment to directly connect my ATO tank to my RO/DI unit so I will still have to manually fill it when it empties but atleast I'll have 20 gallons on good water before I have to refill instead of constantly adding 5 gallons every 3 days.

I was more curious of the size/shape of the container you got. I need to incorporate something into my stand where space is going to be limited.

They are actually the EXACT same ones as wolfie2012, aka Steve, used on his 300 DD build. The 20 gallon I am using for the ATO is rectangular in shape and is a white roto mold, with a 5 inch opening on top. Its dimensions are 31" H x 15" W x 11" L so it is tall and takes up very little space...plus with the rectangular shape I will be able to install future bulkheads easily when I hardline it along with the 3 - 75 gallon ones in my coming build.

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