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Jbj 28 cube

As you know, I took a much needed break from the hobby.
But I am very happy to be back!
I decided to do something a little different than I'm used to. I'm planning a mixed nano reef.
The setup is a jbj 28 gallon with a 150watt HQI.


Not sure why the picture is sideways... But imagine it right side up haha.

How do you like the black sand? I tried a mix white/black and disliked the final look. Black may help things pop more.

Welcome back! What are you planning on having?

I don't have an opinion on the black sand yet since its bare and cycling still, but I've ALWAYS wanted to have black sand. I'll get back to you on it.

As far as a stock list goes, I was honestly thinking of doing and octopus. I found a species and did my studying on it.
But I'm not sure yet. I'm excited to finally get into SPS and LPS

I like what you did with the Tonga rock! Whatever you decide to do with this system, I'm sure it will be awesome - please keep us up to date :side:

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