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shrimp vs no shrimp

So I have told my self no shrimp are ever going to go into my reef again. After I had a camel shrimp take out several lps colonies and I didnt know what was going on. I even saw him mess with the first frog spawn and I thought he was just cleaning it and doing his job. Come to find out he was just hungry for lps.

So my question is what do you think and cleaner shrimp? I have a clean up crew im just starting to get some algae in places and didn't know if a shrimp would help. Also thought about a scooter/ lawnmower blenny.

Current stock clowns pink spot goby engineer goby

If I added a pistol shrimp do you think I would have a problem with the engineer goby? I had a pistol shrimp for a while now but I think he is gone haven't heard him pop off at something in awhile


I will say I am not a big shrimp fan. I like peppermints in a LPS free area that you can drop in something that has an Aptasia to be taken out. cleaner shrimp are jerks and will steal food right out of your coral's mouth...They will rush to your LPS at feeding time!

Not sure about pistol, but the goby will likely eat it I would think

lawnmower blenny might help trim it down, pencil urchin, or emerald crab are other ideas.....what kind of algae and is it surface or hard to reach nooks and cranies?

I have 3 Fire Shrimp in my tank now and I have no complaints about them. I had 2 peppermint shrimp previously but I like my red fromia starfish and they kept killing them within days of me introducing them into my tank, so I had to start up a starfish tank just to keep them safe. After finding out that peppermint shrimp eat starfish and after seeing them pull the mouth out of my RBA after feeding it shrimp, the anemone is fine btw, I said good riddance to them. Shrimp do have a particular use in the aquarium I feel but I'm sure it could be worked around.

I am not a big fan of Skunk Cleaner Shrimp as I have experienced they are quite bold and will annoy LPS in their pursuit of food. That being said, I have had good luck with a Fire Shrimp and would consider adding one to new system. I think a lot of it has to do with how big your display is, and to some extent how many pieces of LPS are in it - are there just a few pieces and they will be constantly picked on, or are there enough pieces that they can handle the stress distributed amongst themselves?

So I have had 2 Skunk Cleaner shrimp in my tank since I started (not at the same time) and they have never hurt my corals, and I have softies, LPS, and SPS. That being said, they will go and take food from your corals when you feed them, so you need to watch out and make sure if you are feeding your coral or nems specifically that the shrimp is kept at bay while they eat.

If you have hair algae issues, I find that more dwarf hermit crabs get the job done well. They can crawl anywhere, and are relatively cheap. Snails can get film algae as well, and banded trochus snails are known to continually spawn in the tank, thereby keeping your population up.

I am a big believer in using animals for algae/food/maintenance control. That being said, I understand that they aren't compatible with some tank mates. Peppermint shrimp are good for clean-up of food, but I never saw mine go after algae. You could also get a Emerald Mithrax crab, as they eat hair algae and are also known to eat bubble algae.

Do you have any animals that would prevent specific other pets from being in the tank?

I woukd say its more or a film type algae. The crabs and snails I have seem to be doing a number on it but not enough you see where they have been. Also have a urchin. Only fish in this tank are gobys and clowns. Had a flame angle and he just passed a few weeks ago think he was doing a good job picking at the rocks. It might also be time to change the t5 bulbs.

For film, more snails or a fish that pecks at rocks might be the best solution then....and yes keep up on you t5s

I never see my cleaner shrimp. I find it's molt every once in a while but that's it. So no complaints about them stealing food.

When I finally caught my camel shrimp I was thinking of feeding him to my anemone. But I put him in the sump.

Had to bait and trap him used a bottle trap at first only caught my goby. Then I put a net with some silver side in it. Let it set there and wait for him to come into the net. Took some time to so this over a couple weeks. I stood by the tank for hours waiting for him. When he got in the net I was "freaking out" I can finally have my lps back

I would also recommend some fire shrimp. They are not quite as daring as skunk cleaners and a little easier to keep them away from your LPS while feeding. As for the Goby, I have an engineer and a pistol shrimp and they fine together. The pistol shrimp stays under one rock and the goby stays away.

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