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Coral Givaway-Live

Hello to all the reefers out there!
It is time to bring this up again, all new reefers with 6mon or less in the salt water experience plz post "interested" below.
Anyone that has gotten frags from this and would like an LPS also post "here"

For the new to this, here are my rules. Must be new to hobby and not someone just getting back in, must start your own build thread and tell us what you got....ie: fish, tank size, lighting, coral and anything else you want to share..

After your thread is up report back here "done" i will pick 1-??? Coral that are easier to keep and pass out accordingly.
I reward speed and greater involvement.

Today I am looking for head count of new people. PM me if interested or you will be left out till next time. πŸ™‚

Interested. I am totally new I'm in 2nd week of tank cycle.not for sure we're to post thread

Start a build thread here πŸ™‚

I'm interested and started my own build thread. Been up and running for almost 2 months now!

Here! I was out of town, so I couldn't respond a few days ago.


Official re-opening tomorrow on my birthday.

New: have a build thread started, post what you have(coral/fish/inverts) and either a full tank shot or some overall pics so we can see.

Previous recipients: update your build thread and pics as well.

Once completed post done in this thread.
I have some soft coral for first times and a LPS for second rounders.

Any donations plz PM me



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