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Strolling on down the road

My big green BTA decided to take a walk today, so I took a quick video for those who have never seen them hike about before. The clowns were not very pleased at all. hehe.

Be warned though, this can be a little boring - they do move really slowly afterall. :silly:

Too bad there is not a 2X speed option

[quote="Boggers-Mike" post=29068]Too bad there is not a 2X speed option[/quote]

C'mon, admit it, the clowns are entertaining. πŸ˜›

It can be really annoying when they just get up and move :angry: πŸ˜† I always try finding a good place for them and how do they show their respect, they just get up and go find some other crazy not so good spot then I'm back in there trying to help them out later πŸ˜† I imagine the clowns have some choice words going on too

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