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Bangaii Babies


I would take a few of them too! They are pretty fish. Congrats on getting them this far!

I will also

I am not sure what happened to my last thread about these but I wanted to update this week. I am pretty sure I still have all of them. They are about 2 weeks old and are over 2x as big as when they were released. They are still eating baby brine shrimp and I have began crushing meaty flake food.


I just found a baby one in my sump are they born live or eggs

They are mouth brooders. The mother lays eggs and the dad holds the eggs in his mouth. Then releases the live babies 20 days later. Just be careful with the dad. The female can be fertile right away again and he doesn't eat while holding babies. The fathers have been known to starve because of this.

PS congrats on the baby.

Nice work they are looking great! :woohoo: I found your previous post and got everything merged together.

They are looking great and I can't believe how fast they grow!

This is so cool!!!

Still have them all and going goodb

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