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Bangaii Babies

:woohoo: My male released 2 babies tonight. I only got pics of one tonight.

Nice job getting a pic of it. They can be pretty tiny when first born.

nice job

Thanks, so he released the rest of the babies last night. Count today is 20. Here are some.


That's pretty cool, tiny little things aren't they.

So I have been trying to count them. I think the final count is 23. It has been about a week and still haven't lost any. Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself.


I would be happy to take some of the survivors once they get decent size.

Congrats by the way (:!

Thanks. I will keep that in mind when they are ready.

Very cool!

[quote="Jerm" post=29030]Thanks. I will keep that in mind when they are ready.[/quote]
I have no idea how long it takes for them to be ready but you could bring them to the frag swap.

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