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New Life Spectrum πŸ™

New Life Spectrum makes a great product, I will never buy it again :angry:

While at MACNA they had an impressive booth set up, had videos displaying their new products, every product was displayed on well lit shelves - it was simply a nice clean booth. It seemed like someone was always chatting with the two reps there, and why wouldn't they, they make a good product.

On Saturday I was passing by their booth and noticed their was no one there talking to either rep. I wanted to talk about one of their new products and asked if they had any samples of it. They said they weren't handing out any samples, and I am okay with that, but it is how they said it and more of what they said that really aggravated me.

[b]Phil:[/b] Do you have any samples of "xyz"?
[b]Rep:[/b] No, just go buy it on Amazon, they have everything. :sick:

I turned and left at that point. I was disappointed and aggravated that a manufacture would be so dismissive to the environment that they are displaying their product at. I can understand not having samples on hand, though seeing as how this is a consumer show and not an industry show, I would expect a large company like NLS to have small samples of their newest products. What if I was an LFS owner? They just sent me a clear message that I shouldn't sell their product. Sadly, I got the impression that every person I saw engaged in discussion at the table in their booth was either a distributor or an LFS owner.

It doesn't help that a few hours earlier I had just heard the Jim Walters presentation about the challenges of owning an LFS and how manufactures seem to hurt the local shops the most. If you have read any of my recent topics, you know that I am very much for supporting LFS's. There always seems to be a comparable widget out there, therefore I'll try to be judicious with whose product I purchase.

So I have made the switch to Hikari pellets πŸ™‚

They were quite friendly and have an expansive non-frozen product line as well. Furthermore, as explained by Jim Walters and others, they are very favorable towards LFS's.

So, thank you Hikari :woohoo:

I will also add that New Era was another quality food that I was able to bring samples back for my fish to try. The fish pursued it vigorously. The only "problem" for me is that it is a softer food that is prone to clumping, and I need to be able to dispense it from an auto feeder. Nonetheless it is a great quality food too πŸ™‚

Not that I do not agree with your decision to spend your money in companies you agree with. I am going to plan devils advocate for a second here. Even though the rep's they send to MACNA I am sure are some of the best sales people they may have you might need to remember these as "Sales" guys. They may not have in depth product knowledge and can always have an off day. As a customer service guy I can attest at having to clean up after a co-worker mis-understood a clients needs/questions.

They might have also been asked a thousand times for samples they didn't have. It can get the better of someone having to explain they came empty handed.

My thoughts from having been on both sides of various trade conferences, you always send somebody knowledgeable and who has customer service skills. This isn't a full time store where employees may have a bad day once in awhile, it's a three day conference. If somebody is that rude during a short event like that, then they really shouldn't be there representing their company.

It obviously wasn't that reps first day with the company since they trusted him with portraying their image at the biggest conference in North America. So the conclusion that I draw is the same as yours Phil, they don't care about the local stores since they told you to search online for their product. That doesn't necessarily mean I will never buy their product again, but it is good to know. I do like Hikari products and my Tangs love their seaweed extreme pellets.

The NLS rep that spoke up, isn't even the rep I asked the question to, he just jumped in. The Hikari reps were familiar with who ever this NLS guy is, for whatever that's worth. I got the impression that this NLS rep was at, or very near, the executive level of the company and not some hired hand. There were plenty of folks at various booths who were not able to offer in depth knowledge about the products at their booths, but they were cordial and up front about it. One very negative interaction with that company has made its mark on me for sure.

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