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Algae Scrubbers

I thought maybe I would get this category going.

I am looking at feedback from people with experience with algae scrubbers(purposely growing algae in a confined space to lower nutrients in the water column). There are a lot of ways to build them. I had one that was gravity fed from the overflow, and also made an upflow version with an air stone. I never had hair algae in any of my tanks until I started using an algae scrubber and looking for experience of others to decide if I should use one in my new tank setup.

What brands you have used and how they worked? DIY setups and how they worked?

The tank I am deciding on is a 30 gallon half moon tank and deciding between an upflow version in the hang on back refugium or maybe a floating type. The tank is not build yet, but planning on having some seahorses and maybe a pair of Mandarins.

We had one on a coral tank at one of my jobs. Hair algae was still a huge problem with it running but I had never seen it before the scrubber was added to know if there was a difference. It sprung a leak and had to be removed and since being removed I have not noticed any difference in the amount of algae in the tank. It doesn't appear to have made any difference based off those observations. I have used algae in refugiums personally though and have noticed a huge difference there. My first batch of chaeto died off due to poor quality lights and my nitrates crept up to over 100ppm, after changing to stronger lights and adding a fresh batch my nitrates dropped to undetectable level in about a week and have stayed there ever since then.

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