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If this is your first time visiting since the Upgrade please reset your password.

You need to log in to create posts and topics.

The new site is up πŸ™‚ Post any issues here...

Quite obviously the new site is up πŸ™‚

Please post any issues or questions you may have with the new site here :dry:

The "new" is not going away after i open/read post....except this one???
When I opened this post it went away.

I noticed the same thing, however the "new" has gone away, has it changed for you yet? I am also working on ensuring that Recent Topics sync in proper order.

Can't edit my profile at all.

Ya I can't either tried to edit anything and it won't let me do nothing

New is gone, profile update is not.

I will look into the profile edit before work this mornimg, hopefully its a quick fix...


What part of your profiles are you unable to edit?

Zoomer-test is a standard user I created and is able to have edits saved.

Thanks for your help guys :side:

My profile has defaulted back to moderator status and I was ok to to edit anything I tried to. Added an avitar, etc.

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