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My Macro

So I pulled out my actual camera to see what I could do.





I ran out of time late last night. hopefully I can get a few more good ones from my macro tank.



This is in my macro tank

This is a stand alone system, correct?

I wouldn't mid seeing an FTS or reading a build thread about it :whistle:

You are correct, no filter or skimmer. Just plants, few rocks and light.


Ha - Build thread complete ๐Ÿ˜†

Is that a Chromis I see in there, got anything else in there livestock wise?

there is a Segmented Sailfin Blenny, but it is VERY shy.
online pic:

And yes that is a blue-green chromis.

break down of this tank.
5 foot 75G acrylic tank on 2*4stand. (long and shallow)
Jebo WP25 on one side, Korellia 750 and MP10 on the other
300W heater
Reef Radiance Lumentek Pro 240 (off center to favor the right side) Left side gets light, but even at brightest you would say low levels)

about 2 in sandbed and ~50 pounds of rock

Chateo, Sagassum, Codium, red grape, green grape, fern caulerpa, red gracilaria, gracilaria Haya, and a mangrove that doesn't like me much.

I have one more that I am not possitive on ID. It is dark red with orange spots when it stays in high light, but it does not stay where I put it.

2 fish, snails from reefcleaners.org, red mushrooms, the zoas you see, a birdsnest, GSP and a few monti cap frags.

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