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I think it was a red bta

I bought it off a guy on here it looked cool but it was bleaching because I don't think it was getting fed and the lights were not proper enough to support it but I have had it about 3 months and it's been hiding well today it finally came out and I was able to feed it for the first time I have tried before and it wouldn't eat well it did tonight here's what it looked like when I got it now it looks worse as long as it stays out I'll keep feeding and I'm sure it will color back up

What is your temperature? I have several BTA and they all bleach out from time to time especially in the summer time when temps creep up.

My temp stays right about 78 at all times

[quote="Andy Roker" post=27732][attachment=3252]20140518_174213.jpg[/attachment][/quote]

Might not be at the peek of heath at the moment, but it a pretty nice picture :S

This was before it hid if I read that right....it is pretty though.

Ya it was the guy says it has been like this fir two years gets my newest anemone

Not very good pictures though

Here's what that anemone looks like now :sick: it's staying out abd eating now so I hope it will get big again

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