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What macro do you like?

As many of you know I have a good selection of Macro algae. Cheato, red grape, Halimeda, ulva, gracilaaria.
I have recently acquired ferm caulerpa, green grape caulerpi, codium and a little sprig of sarggasum.

I want to know what kind is your favorite? either for nutrient export or for looks
Anyone else have experience with many forms of Macro?

My favorite is still grape caulerpa no matter what any else says ๐Ÿ˜† . I've been using it for about 5 years with no issues. Grape Caulerpa just works well all around. It grows in almost any environment, grows extremely fast, and my Tangs and Rabbitfish eat it like spaghetti. My second favorite is Gracilaria as it is a good food source for my some of my fish, but it grows much more slowly. I would like to get some Ulva at some point also.

My biggest issue with Ulva is it has "appeared" on the other side of my tank growing out of rock. either really small pieces get into rock or it is spreading without the normal signs of going "sexual'

I have nothing against Caulerpa, but think it is not something you just want to toss in a tank without knowing the possible outcome.

The fern is growing the fastest for me at this time.

I have some dragons breath. Love the bright orange tips against the dark red leaves. But I prefer the chaeto in the fuge for nutrient export. The dragons breath was just an impulse buy to add something different to the fuge.

I got a small piece a while ago with some coral, but it got eaten very quickly in the display by some turbo snails.

Anyone ever had Sargassium? I got a penny macro from reef cleaners and I think it is Sargassium but it is more red that what I see online.


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