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Baby Pom Pom Crabs

These freshly hatched Pom Pom Crabs were donated to me to try raising them. Not something I was planning on doing, but I happened to have an extra 10 gallon tank with a sponge filter already cycled, so I guess I'll see what happens. My hopes are not too incredibly high, buy why not give it a try. They are in their free swimming planktonic stage right now so I am just feeding live phytoplankton for now. They are about the size of copepods right now.



It van be done check out mbisite.org the success logs on there and the really help out. I tried raising emerald crab larva only got them zoea 1 about day 9 then they died I believe it was water quality . The one source I found where someone was successful they changed watrr everyday so keep that in mind also I didn't notice them eating neutrino and I'm not sure if they do eat anything for the first couple weeks I was feeding live rotifers and rotifeast didn't notice any of them eating anything . Some people even use ice trays to separate them as there have been instances of ccaniblism

Thats awesome, Good luck to you! I have a pom pom and its my favorite lil guy to find in the morning before work.

Big props to all you breeders out there! How's it going?

Let me know I thinkthink I would buy some. Will they have the pom pom too?

very cool. best of luck sir

How are they doing?

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