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Official: June zoa grow out contest progress


30 Heads- There coming along, I'm having a hard time getting all heads in the pic.....they have grown around the rocks I glued to the frag


Cal 420
Alk 8.3
Mg 1380
PO4- .07
NO3- 5

Still dosing 10ml of Alk, and Cal a day
.50ml of NO3PO4-X
Top-off with Kalk

June: 18 polyps, finally seeing some decent growth...albeit too late to win.
May: 12 polyps, all seem to be healthy.
April: 8 polyps, 7 full and 1 baby. All seem to be healthy, but looks like 5 died off.
March: 13 polyps, 8 are of full grown size, two are small "newborn" and 3 are "dead" or haven't opened.


Parameters for the system are as follows:
Salinity: 35 ppt (refractometer)
Temp: 80 (Neptune Controller probe)
pH: 7.85 - 8.15 (Neptune Controller probe)
Phos: 0.18 (Hanna Checker)
Alk: 148 or 8.0 dKh (Hanna Checker)
Calc: 530 (Hanna Checker)

Hard telling, but I think I have 24 heads - though several were closed up when I was counting. Still dosing the same amount though I may be reducing the quantity soon as I just started to experience a cyano outbreak. I did add a third Radion over the tank a few weeks back.

Well here is my hurried picture (cutting it close to the dead line) ๐Ÿ™‚





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