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Reefpods Copepods Order

I am going to be ordering some Copepods from Liveaquaria. If anyone wants to get in on this with free shipping, let me know. I will be placing the order late Monday night 5/19. It should ship Tuesday and arrive Thursday. Anything from AlgaGen can be added with no additional shipping costs- includes Copepods, Amphipods, Live Phytoplankton, and Live Brine Shrimp.

I am interested in this. I am wondering if we can get it for the same price from Jim. It might be worth asking. I am interested in Copepods for culture. Probably also some live phyto.

I'd be interested as well, in 16oz Tisbe pods

[quote="danish.bhatti" post=27011]I am wondering if we can get it for the same price from Jim. It might be worth asking. [/quote]

That's great of you to mention using a site sponsor, I know sometimes things don't always work out but sometimes they do, and always worth asking πŸ™‚

I digress πŸ˜‰

I would love to get them from NAS if possible. In the past I was led to believe that they don't use the AlgaGen products. It was suggested to me to get some Tisbe Pods from someone there but no one said they could get any in, so I found them somewhere else. Maybe I am wrong and just making assumptions.

I would just ask Jim directly. I usually just call the store and ask for him. He had mentioned that alga gen had a bad sales model. He did explain me the details but it would be too long a post here.

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