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Endangered Species List


Kind of surprised to see frogspawn on the list.

[quote="New to this" post=26907]Kind of surprised to see frogspawn on the list.[/quote]

Probably over 10,000 harvested annually for the aquarium trade, alone.

Seems like they are so commonly grown in aquariums that the need for natural harvest would have been reduced enough to keep them safe by now.

I don't really see Frogspawn available for sale all that often anymore. Which I find odd that there aren't more frags of it out there from being locally raised. My frogspawn was my very first Hard Coral. It has grown from one small head and is now about 12 heads.

I also didn't realize there has been so many issues with Staghorn Corals.

This seems odd to me, even as a new Reefer, since I always see people thinning out their Frogspawn when it gets too big. Although, I would believe that it is one of the prettier "standard" corals, so it shouldn't be so surprising that we continue to harvest it from the sea.

Really makes you wish that new Reefers would have the same "sustain and care for natural resources" mentality that I feel a lot of reefers have.

I think people just see reef tanks and don't really know anything about reefs in the wild. So most new reefers just miss some of the bigger picture, until they start learning as they go through the hobby.


Makes me think twice about going hard with a reef tank. When I eventually move back home to Guam it's gonna be a show. They have their own Customs as well as U.S. Customs so basically anything on CITES is a no-go. I have been in contact with the guy who issues import permits and he was really helpful. He said that if I didn't know a scientific name of something then to just send him a pic and he would let me know.

I'm "stuck" here for at least 2 1/2 more years I think, so I mean thats almost too far out to not matter but soon enough to have to plan for.
It's not that they know what they're looking for, I'm sure they stop and hold anything for verification, permit or not: http://www.pacificnewscenter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38467:video-dwarf-seahorses-illegally-mailed-to-guam&catid=45:guam-news&Itemid=156

Not a good example, but there's no way those clowns knew these were on CITES.

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