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Breeding Setup for Pods

Has anyone had good success breeding Amphipods or Mysid Shrimp?

I am working on breeding some live foods for my tanks. Right now I have separate tanks setup for live phytoplankton, Tisbe Copepods, and Amphipods. All three of those are doing well, especially the Copepods and Phytoplankon. I am in the design process of building a stand to hold all the tanks.

I am also trying to figure out the best/easiest way to breed Mysid shrimp. Right now my plan is to use four 10 gallon tanks. Two for the breeding adults and two as grow out tanks for the babies. I am planning on drilling a hole in the bottom of each tank and attach gate valves. I am doing this as I have read that the adults will eat the babies so my idea to separate them is to completely drain the tanks through sieves of different sizes and then put the water back into the tank.

Anyone have any suggestions before I get everything built?

Pictures soon to come

Breeding mysids is easy, growing them up is a LOT of work. If you are looking to raise enough adult mysids to feed something picky, it's easier to just buy them. It is so labor intensive and space consuming, it's not worth it, IMO. I bred them to feed cuttlefish hatchlings, and only needed baby mysids. It is more cost effective to buy adults from someone collecting them out of Florida, etc, which is very expensive as is.

If you are still interested, the easiest method is to use plastic tubs/troughs, and house the broodstock in floating bins with 50 um mesh (iirc) for the bottom. The babies will pass through, and you can just pull the whole tray out to another bin and collect the babies - they are very fast! For a couple of baby cuttlefish I needed several hundred gallons of mysid culture.

You would want to start with a large broodstock, and you would need to rotate them out as they don't live very long.

Yeah, I was wondering if it would be worth all the work. I dont have anythe picky eaters I just wanted to add another live food source. I was also thinking of just adding live phytoplankton and copepods to my sump to increase their breeding on their own. I know they are already reproducing there because they are crawling all over the glass and then quickly disappear when the lights come on. It is fun to watch the fish go after them since they are so fast.

I would try some high quality crushed flake food for feeding, or live baby brine if you have it. At the moment there is no commercial production of them, because it is too cost prohibitive, which says a lot as a box of live mysids (~1 oz.) is around $200 w/freight.

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