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small success not in the clear yet


Well I finally decided to take the plunge and try rearing my black and orange clowns eggs. This first time was on kind of ghetto rig set up in a 2.5 gallon I already had running I only took about 20 fry from first batch losing a lot dew to rotifers being held up in mail . So now it's day 10 and I have two healthy fry left one just started going through meta barely see his first strip . This next clutch should hatch in about 3 days I'm more prepared and am hoping for a better turn out . Here's a crappy pic of one of the fry

Keep up the good work man I can't wait to see what it looks like

Thanks Roker I believe they'll be called mocha clowns from what I have researched

Then next batch there will be a few rokers clowns lol

Haha for sure man

I'm going to try breeding my new ora black cardinals

You should those are cool fish

I'm going to my bangii cardinals started to then one disappeared lol

Damn. That sucks

Was able to snap a couple good pics earlier you can start to see some orange and faintly see the second strip was also sweet watching him start to swim like a actual clown fish


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