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I'm in

[quote="godsdoc" post=24699]I'm in[/quote]

Do you want to pick your frag up in Omaha or lincoln


I'm in. Will pick up in Omaha.


I'm in from the O.NE

Count me in.

Council Bluffs :whistle:

(You can put Omaha though...)

I am in from Omaha

[quote="Courtney" post=24667]Here is the List of People who have expressed interest in the grow out contest.

Let us know if you would like to Participate so we can have head count.
Also let us know if you want to pick your frag up in Lincoln or Omaha.

See [url=http://www.newagereefs.com/forum/2-welcome-mat/16250-grow-out-contest?start=60#24694]grow out contest?[/url] for details.

1. LPSlove - Omaha
2. Ionbling - Omaha
3. Pfanny05
4. duncan-junkie - Lincoln
5. New to this - Omaha
6. Danish.bhatti
7. Bthoma17
8. Courtney - Omaha
9. Juice - Omaha
10. TimothyJ - Omaha
11. Wolfie2012 - Omaha
12. Zoomer - Omaha
13. Boggers - Omaha
14. Saltyfish - Omaha
15. brubakron - Omaha
16. husker0770 - Omaha
17. kruse47 - Omaha
18. mohara402-Omaha
19. tdo - Lincoln
20. adampottebaum - Omaha
21. clever
22. TigrTraps - Omaha
23. godsdoc - Omaha
24. jbillings - Omaha
25. trav - Omaha
26. ajbuda - Omaha[/quote]

Here's the list so far everyone.....I'm still missing a few things from some people.

Again you have until February 21st to enter.

Contest will start the weekend of March 1st

I am from Omaha.

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